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Small Business IT SupportMost small businesses utilize desktop computing technology in order to perform their daily tasks. Businesses that get hampered by network outages, desktop PC problems or application performance issues risk interrupting the workflow of the entire enterprise.

For this reason alone, small businesses must seek out the best managed IT support services in their area. Having a trusted partner to help solve your IT problems is an absolute necessity. While some may disagree, this leads us to an important question:

How would your business operate without an IT support staff?

Asking Your Staff To Fix Their Own IT Problems

Small businesses that do not have an IT support staff on call only have one other option. They must ask their employees to fix their own problems.

There’s always that one employee that knows enough about IT to be dangerous. With this mind, most small businesses do not pay their employees to be dangerous.

The downside to having an employee that helps out with IT related tasks is that this employee is taken away from their duties while helping out their fellow coworkers. This method of dealing with technology problems effectively doubles your downtime which is never good for your bottom line.

IT Support Can Provide Rapid Answers

We’ve all seen it before. You encounter a problem and spend 15 minutes trying to solve it before reaching out to your IT support staff. Within seconds, the IT support staff has seemingly resolved your issue.

Most managed IT support professionals have seen it all. Their vast knowledge of computer issues can help your end users find a quick resolution to their problems. This allows your employees to stay focused on their tasks.

Remedies for Recurring Problems

Your IT support staff will log each and ever IT problem into a database called a ticket tracker. This gives your IT staff a glimpse of the most common computer problems in your small business.

If they notice a problem that happens over and over again, your IT support staff can be proactive and provide a resolution to the problem.

Sometimes the resolution is an update, an upgrade or a simple configuration change; When you contract a managed IT support staff, recurring IT problems can potentially become a thing of the past.

Instant Remote IT Assistance

Many IT problems can be solved remotely. For example, if a user is trying to print a document and they’ve restarted the computer and it still doesn’t seem to work, the next step is to call IT support and ask for their help.

IT support agents will identify the user’s computer, remotely login to the user’s computer and provide the remedy for the printer.

Remote IT assistance has streamlined the methods in which businesses get IT support. As a result, small businesses no longer need to hire an onsite IT support staff since they are able to get most of their IT problems resolved remotely.

Complete Management for your IT Assets

One common factor among many small businesses is that they seem to accumulate IT assets rather quickly.

It isn’t uncommon for small businesses to acquire servers, switches, desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. How can your business keep track of all of these devices?

When your business uses a managed IT staff, your IT assets will be registered and tracked in a database to ensure asset inventory compliance.

When users need help, a technician can rapidly identify the equipment in the database and review past issues that the user has submitted. Not only does IT asset management help your IT support staff, it could help your small business reduce the risks of losing an asset.

IT Support is Critical for Mitigating Outages

Can your small business recover from an IT outage? Not only do businesses suffer from lack of productivity during an outage, your business could also have to deal with these factors:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Damage to your brand
  • Having to pay data recovery costs
  • High employee turnover
  • Customer dissatisfaction

Most small businesses will do whatever it takes to mitigate these 5 factors. Outsourcing your IT staff to a local managed service provider is a great way to put your technology assets into the hands of a trusted IT support partner.

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