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Closer look at Veeam Backup and ReplicationSince organizations are overwhelmingly using virtual machines (VMs) as opposed to bare metal servers, having a solution to backup and replicate your data is essential.

Veeam Backup and Replication is the industry’s leading hypervisor disaster recovery tool.

In a matter of minutes, your organization can spin up a replica backup of your virtual machines if your underlying infrastructure suddenly fails. Veeam also gives system administrators the ability to perform file level recovery from backups. This feature lets you view and restore individual files on virtual machines that may have been inadvertently deleted.

Veeam Backup and Replication gives enterprises the flexibility they need to rapidly recover from disaster recovery scenarios. Here’s a few ways that Veeam has solved those “uh oh” moments.

Recovery from Ransomware

Consider the following scenario: an employee visits a malicious website that gets past the content filter of the firewall. The malicious code uses an exploit kit to infect the PC with ransomware. The user is mapped to the a file server, which gets encrypted by the ransomware virus.

If you do not have that data backed up, you could be weighing the costs of paying the ransom. If you have Veeam Backup and Replication, you could spin up the last backup or replica of this file server and continue operating as if nothing had ever happened.

Offsite Replication

One of the key tenants of backing up your infrastructure is the requirement of placing at least one copy of your data in an offsite location. If your office is impacted by a fire, offsite backups could be your only hope of quickly recovering. With this in mind, Veeam gives you a number of options for offsite replication.

Tapes are commonly used to store backup jobs offsite. Veeam has incorporated the ability for you to automatically transfer your Veeam backups onto a tape as soon as the backup job is complete. You could also use Veeam to store your backups in the cloud. Some administrators setup Veeam to store their backups in a branch office by transferring the data over the WAN.

Flexibility & Security

Veeam’s flexibility is unrivaled. Veeam can be used to backup virtual machines residing on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX(I) hosts. You could even set up a scheme where your servers replicate to another hypervisor, ensuring that you always have a warm spare on standby should a host completely fail.

Veeam provides your enterprise with secured backups. Veeam utilizes 256 bit AES encryption that keeps your data secure both in transit and in motion. Veeam gives system administrators the ability to password protect their backups, adding another layer of protection for your backup and replication jobs.

Veeam’s flexibility and security is unparalleled. Veeam has won numerous awards including Product of the Year by

Veeam’s Freemium Model

Veeam offers a free version of its backup tools that is a bare bones version of the Backup and Replication suite.

If you first use the free version, then evaluate the full version, you’ll be able to instantly see the difference in the two. In the free version, you can make a single backup job on a single virtual machine. Administrators can store their virtual machine data in a .ZIP file. That’s about the extent of the free version of Veeam.

The full version of Veeam Backup and Replication gives administrators the ability to “Set and forget” their backup infrastructure. As a best practice, you’d always want to check and test the integrity of your backups on a regular basis. Veeam’s Backup and Replication wizard can walk you through setting up a backup job.

This wizards goes through all of the intricacies of setting your backup and replication jobs to happen on a schedule. This allows you plan your backups in a manageable and predictable fashion.

Veeam is a SysAdmin’s Favorite Tool

When is the last time you executed your disaster recovery plan? With Veeam, you can test out your backup infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Long gone are the weekends that you’d spend testing and evaluating your backup infrastructure.

Veeam is rapidly becoming the leading backup tool for enterprises that run their infrastructure using virtual machines. If your business is looking to streamline its backup and replication processes, consider selecting Veeam as your backup and replication suite.

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