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managed-it-support.jpegIf you are using a managed support IT provider, you already know you can get maintenance, system reviews, and monitoring services for a scaled fee. But did you know a managed support provider can do a lot more than that for your business?

Here are 5 things you didn’t know managed support could do for you:

1. Software Licensing Compliance 

As a small or mid-size business, you could be managing up to 70 software licensing contracts. To avoid downtime and possible penalties, someone needs to keep a sharp eye on each software package that’s been purchased and installed. It’s easy for users to inadvertently exceed a software’s rights and restrictions or for a package simply to expire. Since on-site staff may not have the time or skill to manage compliance, an outside IT support provider could be your business’ best option.

2. Lock Down Users’ PCs

Sometimes you will need to lock down one or more of your office’s PCs. Maybe you need to prohibit use of a particular web browser, disable writing to USB drives, lock a Windows account on demand, or limit which programs a user can run. Locking down a system can help secure your office’s PCs against hackers, viruses, or malicious damage by an angry employee. Simplify and strengthen your system’s security by outsourcing this task to a managed support provider.

3. Rollout New Software Automatically 

Each new or updated software package your business acquires will need to be added to all office PCs. While modern software releases can be easy to install and activate thanks to the user-friendly downloadable versions, a mass deployment of an unfamiliar product often results in frustrated employees, cranky managers, and lost productivity. Managed support can control and monitor each piece of the software rollout puzzle, moving it from your employees’ list of most dreaded work experiences to a fast and simple change.

4. Create a Self Service Portal Based on Commonly Asked Questions 

Track your employees’ downtime while waiting to figure out the solutions to IT problems, and you might be surprised how much work isn’t getting done. A managed support provider can create a self-service portal based on commonly asked questions. By using a self-service portal, your employees can track support tickets, access an expert knowledge base, and ask questions or provide answers to each other in discussion forums.

5. Configure Email, Web Surfing and Telephony Services

Keeping your technology secure means being vigilant about what you let past your gatekeepers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to block an email address, website or telephone number. A managed support provider can do that anonymously, confidentially, and precisely. When the keys to your company’s security lie with a trusted third party, you can rest assured that your technology is safe, accurately managed, and concealed from prying eyes.

Managed support IT providers have been repairing computer systems for large companies since the late 1990s and have been the mainstay of IT work for small companies since 2005. Today, your managed support provider can do more or your company than ever before.

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