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Managed IT in Greenville, SCTech-jargon speakers are throwing around all sorts of terms, and companies are selling a variety of IT services. We understand how confusing it can be. It’s important to know exactly what service you need before you sign a contract or agree to pay an invoice.

Let’s look at the key differences between an IT managed support provider and a virtual CIO.

What is an IT managed services provider?

An IT managed services provider can conduct a full network assessment to help you gain insight into your existing network. They can also offer network management, network security, computer repair, remote monitoring, cloud services, data protection, and more. Simply put, this provider keeps your systems up and running.

What is a virtual CIO (vCIO) service?

A virtual CIO, sometimes called a vCIO, is a strategic thinker or team of thinkers charged with creating a technological roadmap for the company. This individual or team provides oversight of managed IT services or of in-house staff, focusing on aligning IT work with the business’ core mission. Depending on the company’s needs, a vCIO may be responsible for data safety, communication software, optimization, and other technological concerns at the overlap of technology and business strategy.

What can an IT managed services provider do for my company?

By providing high-quality network management services from a remote location, an IT managed services provider can assess risk, reduce outage time, monitor the system, prevent many problems, fix others, and generally save time and money for their clients.

According to Patrick Hogan, a tech guru writing for, “Forty-six percent of managed IT service users have reduced IT costs by 25 percent or more; 50 percent have reduced IT costs by between one and 24 percent.”

What can a virtual CIO do for my company?

A virtual CIO service offers you dedicated, experienced IT specialists for less than the cost of a single IT employee’s salary. These specialists make sure your data remains secure, your cabling is updated and in good shape, and your software stays current and patched. A vCIO may order managed services for your company and oversee the work, verifying that you are getting what you paid for. In that sense, the vCIO service functions as a quality assurance mechanism for your IT department.

How do I know which service I need?

Schedule a network assessment! When Wolf Technology Group completes an assessment, for instance, you receive a reference guide for your network, giving you a complete record of your technology infrastructure. By using this document, you can determine what off-site IT services your new provider should offer you.

For a simple way to think about the difference between IT managed support service and virtual CIO, remember that the former is IT-focused while the latter is business-focused.

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