Posted on: January 12th, 2016 by Wolf TG Admin

ITAM vs. ITSMIf you are looking to streamline your IT operations, your business can gain tremendous advantages by implementing principles found in the IT Service Management process — this is more commonly known as ITSM. The term ITAM is commonly confused with ITSM, as ITAM stands for IT Asset Management processes. Let’s explore each of these a little deeper…

What is ITSM?

Businesses that adopt the IT Service Management philosophy of delivering services can gain unforeseen advantages. The business will be guaranteed to have a specific process of requesting services, and the IT staff will have a specific process that requires them to test, evaluate, and deploy the service into the environment. ITSM heavily focuses on:

  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Release management

Next, let’s see how ITAM falls underneath the solutions offered to businesses from the IT Service Management tree of offerings.

What is ITAM?

IT Asset Management presides under the umbrella of the IT Service Management processes. Both disciplines are popular because of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology of delivering IT services throughout organizations. IT Asset Management helps organizations specifically keep track of the assets they have purchased over the years. Think about the way you handle purchased technology items in your organization. Could you locate a specific PC if your records indicate it has been in stock for months? What type of intelligence would you have on that machine before deploying it?

The process can also help organizations facilitate the introduction of new equipment into the environment, while providing a process for organizations to offload depreciated equipment off of their books. IT Asset Management ensures that your organization knows where its assets are at all times, which can be helpful for organizations of all sizes.

How Can IT Service Management Help My Business?

When you implement IT service management, your business will have a predictable method in which they can interact with your IT staff. After IT Service Management techniques are in place, organizations will never have to worry about an executive dropping by their desk and dropping off a project.

With IT Service Management in place, projects must be formally requested and go through a review process. Projects will then be placed in the appropriate queues and will remain there until the tasks are complete. This helps keep IT services managed and organized, which can help provide metrics on service delivery.

When You Measure Service Delivery, You Can Manage Success

Once service delivery can be measured, your organization can improve on these metrics. You’ll be able to look for ways to streamline your operations by providing agents with the tools they need in order fix the problems they encounter.

When your organization uses IT Service Management, you can use these processes to gain actionable intelligence on your network; this will allow you to proactively engage problems rather than having to be reactive and only addressing problems after something has already gone wrong. IT Service Management provides a win-win for both the IT staff and the end users that they serve.

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