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Unified Communications in a Connected Marketplace

Is your business able to deliver voice, video and unified communications? Today’s businesses require rich media collaboration services in order to stay competitive. Did you know that Wolf Technology Group can help your business manage all of its critical unified communications services?

We can help your business implement more than just VoIP, we can provide your business with a competitive calling platform helps route customers and clients to the best possible resource in your company.

When you begin exploring the possibilities of implementing a unified communications platform for your business, you’ll understand that your business can streamline its processes and save on critical connectivity products.

Managed Voice and Video

From conference room setups to cloud based video chat solutions, Wolf Technology Group can help your business kick off teleconferences in crystal clear HD. Ready to host meetings or conference calls with your employees? You’ll be able to kickoff collaboration sessions within seconds with our robust calling platform.

VoIP and Telephony Products

Wolf Technology Group can help your business establish a professional phone system with automated system prompts. We can setup IVRs that route your calls to specific departments within your organization.

Need call recording? Wolf Technology Group can help build a real time call recording and coaching platform for your call center agents. We also provide an archiving platform to retain audio clips for auditing purposes.

Wolf Technology Group Has You Covered

Wolf Technology Group is Greenville’s fastest growing managed technology service provider. Contact us today at (864) 248-6316 or use our online contact form to request a consultation. Let our team of experts assist your business in delivering managed voice, video and technology services to your end users.

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