Case Studies

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the complexity of the IT issues you face. Wolf Technology Group is ready for a solution that perfectly fits your needs. The case studies we’ve provided below are real-world examples of businesses we’ve helped and the actual solutions we provided.

Case Study #1

Company with approximately 15 users across 4 locations. The goal is to centralize IT services. Instead of paying different providers at each location for similar services we centralized all accounts to provide economies of scale. For instance, instead of paying for phone services from different providers at each location we setup one hosted phone server that supports all four locations.



Using POP3 email so they have to delete emails from computer and phone, limited email storage capacity, delay in receiving emails, spamming issues.

Migrated to Office365.

Lost access to domain name. 3 domain names all at different domain registrars.

Centralized all domain names under one account at GoDaddy.

Slow Internet – T1.

Had dedicated fiber circuit installed and switch.

Limited phone capabilities.

Setup phone server, ported numbers to new SIP provider, setup IP phones with features like voicemail to email, automated attendant, fax to email, phone tree.

No txt records which allowed email spoofing.

Moved domain names and entered appropriate records for security.

Small company without servers.

Setup management PC to monitor and access network, configured switch to serve as switch and router for network traffic.

Case Study #2

Company with approximately 450 users wanted a central portal for company information. We created an Intranet portal with access to eDocs (document management system), eConnect (learning management system) for online training and collaboration, IT Support Ticket form, access to company webmail and Online Chat.



Needed central location for document management, wanted external access without having to VPN.

eDocs, document management system, accessible from any Internet connection, Android and iOS apps, versioning, document retention, backups of documents.

Wanted Training Portal and Group Collaboration Space.

eConnect, learning management system, for training call center employees, ability to have communities for each department to collaborate together.

Wanted IT Support Ticket form rather than users sending emails.

Created web form that has dropdown menus and requires users to enter information to help NOC assist user with issues.

Wanted internal messaging system.

Implemented Skype for Business.

Case Study #3

Company with approximately 30 users wanted to centralize IT services to reduce overhead costs.



Hosted Exchange email service in data center in New York. Email service had regular outages and required local network access.

Migrated to Office365.

Outdated computers.

Setup life cycle for computer replacement so replacements occur at scheduled intervals for budgeting,

Too many servers.

Consolidated the number of servers and migrated them from New York to our hosted platform.

Network issues.

Upgraded switches from 10/100 to 10/100/1000.

Phone system issues, lack of support, only 100MB instead of Gig, voicemail to email regularly failed.

Setup hosted phone server, new IP phones, includes forwarding phone extensions to mobile devices if Internet fails at office.

Individuals using Dropbox to store company data, security risk, no oversight, no backups.

Implemented eDocs company-wide.

Needed Help Desk support.

Installed computer monitoring agent, antivirus, web filtering and software for remote access so we can connect to user’s computers as long as they are on the Internet to provide them with support, all for one fixed monthly fee.

Old firewall.

Installed new firewall that we management, they pay a fixed fee monthly for support.

Poor wireless signal.

Installed mesh network to cover entire office.