Cloud Backups

Are You Protected Against Data Loss?

What would happen if you lost access to your data? Do you have a plan in place? Do you even recognize the need for such a plan?

This seems like an elementary question, but it bears consideration when you hear that organizations like Equifax weren’t properly prepared for a data breach.

Loss of data — and loss of access to data — can happen at any point to any organization. Malicious attacks, natural disasters, and even accidental overwriting can cause your data to become compromised. What are you doing to protect your business?

Back Up Your Data In The Safest Place Possible — The Cloud

While on-site data backup is still an acceptable strategy, best practices recommend maintaining multiple off-site backups in different geographic locations. Backing up your data to the cloud eliminates the possibility of losing everything in the event that your on-site backup gets destroyed or compromised.

Cloud backups are especially appealing for their scalability and accessibility. Storage can be added on demand, and many providers offer built-in business continuity and disaster recovery. The advancement in technology has greatly reduced the cost of data storage, although it is important to value the quality of the provider and the reliability of the service over the price.

The key to recovering from data loss is to have a plan of action already in place.

Let Wolf TG Take Care Of Your Backups

If you’ve been procrastinating about implementing a data backup plan, now is the time. Wolf Technology Group is the premier IT company providing managed data backup services in the Southeast. Our Tier V, N-1 data center is fully redundant and is a major interconnection point for the East Coast.

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