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Save Money By OutsourcingStart-up businesses have become early adopters of outsourced IT services. Small to medium sized enterprises gain the most in benefits from managed services. Outsourced IT gives organizations the opportunity to buy support services that best fit their business model.

An article published by the London Telegraph suggests that your business can save up to 30% when it outsources it’s IT department. Here’s how your business can save money when it implements these outsourced IT services.

Outsourced Office 365 Support

Email is the life blood for most small businesses. If your email is unavailable, it could potentially impact the productivity of your business. By hosting your email on Microsoft Office 365, you can mitigate many of the concerns associated with downtime.

With Office 365, your business can outsource the administration of the email platform in order to institute the features and functionalities that your business uses the most. This could be something as simple as configuring transport rules, enforcing BYOD policies for mobile email or setting up and administering a spam filter.

Less Infrastructure On-Site

Since Office 365 removes the requirement of having infrastructure on-site, that’s less equipment and one less service that your business will need to manage. Office 365 lives in the cloud which means that it can be managed from anywhere. A managed service provider can help you get the most out of your Office 365 subscription.

For example, you can setup Office 365 to work with third party solutions that can meet your organization’s compliance standards. An outsourced IT staff can also configure an email gateway that scans for viruses, malware, ransomware and advanced attacks that might be used to penetrate your network.

Removing on-site infrastructure provides your business with the ability to offload managed services to outsourced IT professionals.

Real-time Cyber Security Defense

Organizations of all sizes are tasked with monitoring their system access logs, their firewall logs and any anti-virus alerts that may arise.

Some businesses need more than just an IT staff; they need around the clock server monitoring and cyber security analysis. Managed service providers can help your business monitor for cyber attacks, while proactively shoring up any security flaws.

If you are currently understaffed in your IT department, a cyber attack could potentially go unnoticed.

The ramifications of this could be severe. Having a team of trained IT security professionals that audit the security of your network and monitor the logs is a proactive step that will help your company save on the costs associated with recovering from a cyber attack.

Buy IT Service Management A La Carte

Could your business save on IT service management costs buy purchasing services a la carte? Mix and match the IT services your business needs and compare those costs to the costs of an on-site IT hire.

The best part of buying IT services a la carte is that you’ll get specific expertise on each service that you buy through your managed service provider.

For example, if you were to subscribe to Disaster Recovery services, you will work with a team that has performed DR for several other businesses in your area. This expertise is crucial, because when you hire an IT staff, most of this expertise is gained by trial and error at your company’s expense.

Technical Support Services

Day to day tech problems have become a fact of life in most small businesses. When employees are helping other employees solve tech problems, the company isn’t making any money. Therefore it’s helpful to have someone to call when you need to:

Outsourced IT services can help you solve each of these issues whenever they arise in your office. In fact, you can delegate all of your IT tasks to an outsourced IT consulting company if you wish.

Most small businesses purchase managed services because they can save money and increase efficiency within their business. Outsourcing your IT department solves several problems. It’s less staff to manage, less space you’ll need to store IT hardware and it’s the easiest way to get trusted solutions for your businesses IT operations. Consider the inherent benefits of outsourcing the IT operations of your business to a team of trusted IT professionals.

Businesses that are looking for ways to reduce their IT expenditures often evaluate the pros and cons of outsourcing their IT services.

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