Posted on: May 9th, 2017 by Wolf TG Admin

Productive WorkplaceHiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help streamline your organization and optimize it’s overall productivity. Businesses buy managed services to help manage email servers, provide technical support or to provide IT consulting services.

Managed service providers can be contracted to perform any technology related task in your organization. Research conducted by CompTIA lists the key drivers behind businesses implementing managed services.

Let’s highlight some of the deciding factors that have fueled the rapid adoption of managed services within small to medium sized enterprises.

Information Security

If your organization has suffered downtime stemming from a cyber attack, a loss of data, ransomware or a computer virus, you undoubtedly understand the necessity of having proper information security procedures in place.

Sometimes, that’s just not enough. The majority of small to medium sized enterprises seek out MSPs to help secure these critical services:

  • Workstation Patches – Without the most up to date patches for your software and operating systems, your network could remain vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Antivirus Management – MSPs ensure that all of the machines on your network are getting regularly scanned and loaded with daily virus definition updates.
  • Network Security – Your firewall is the first line of defense between your network and the public internet. MSPs will configure your firewall and regularly review its logs to monitor suspicious activities.

Proactive IT

Solving IT problems before there is an impact to your business is a way to ensure better overall productivity for your enterprise. Industry analysis of MSP adoption suggests that businesses are motivated to get managed services to prevent outages.

Being proactive minimizes downtime for your organization. If your business is constantly fighting IT battles without the knowledge and expertise of a managed support staff, trivial IT problems could hamper the overall productivity of your enterprise.

Proactive IT services should naturally include IT consulting because it could be an internal requirement that you refresh and recycle your aging infrastructure. Having a plan in place to upgrade old infrastructure will help increase workplace productivity while meeting your organization’s core computing goals.

Cost Savings

Organizations are beginning to look at managed services as an enhancement to an existing IT support staff. Smaller organizations are partnering with MSPs to offload all of their IT tasks as their business continues to grow.

When you compare the costs of hiring an onsite IT staff and a manager to oversee that staff, you can quickly spend well over 6 figures just to have a staff onsite. Managed service providers are competitive on price when compared to hiring an onsite IT staff.

Managed services are able to provide your organization with around the clock monitoring and proactive IT services. If managed services are a cost saving measure for your business, you could use the cost savings to reinvest in your business or hire on additional staff. These cost savings can certainly help increase workplace productivity from a resource management perspective.

Peace of Mind

Many organizations are subscribing to managed services because they can enjoy the peace of mind in having a staff of trained IT professionals to oversee their entire network.

It may look easy but managing the services on your network is no easy task. Technicians are asked to perform tasks rapidly to minimize any subsequent downtime. Getting managed services for your business will give your organization the ability to upgrade servers, switches or any other piece of technology on your network. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about any negative impact to your business.

When you select a trusted managed service provider, you can be assured that your enterprise will gain instant access to a team of seasoned IT veterans that can rapidly solve any IT problem encountered by your business.

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