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Protect Your Business Data with Cloud Backups

Best practices suggest that every business should have at least 3 copies of their data in 3 separate places. Businesses are quickly utilizing cloud as a backup medium because it provides organizations with flexibility in regards to their disaster recovery plans.

Cloud backups are becoming the de facto method for enterprise offsite backup services. Cloud is popular because it gives businesses the ability to pay for backup storage on a monthly basis. Because cloud backup services provide redundancy and affordability, businesses are rapidly embracing this new technology. TechNavio says that the global cloud and disaster recovery market is continuing to grow and the compound adjusted growth rate for the industry is expected to top 12% over the next few years.

Managed service providers are thriving because cloud backups are essential for businesses of all sizes. Here’s why businesses are choosing cloud backup services as their preferred offsite storage backup medium.

End-to-End Data Encryption

The biggest concern that businesses have with cloud backups is data security. How can you know that your data will stay safe when it is hosted in the cloud?

Additionally, you must ensure that your data is secure in transit when you are storing it in the cloud. Managed service providers have teamed with top software vendors to produce backup applications that encrypt the data as soon as it’s backed up.

This end-to-end encryption ensures that your backups remain safe and secure while they are stored in the cloud.

Instantaneously Replicate Your Data Across Multiple Continents

Regardless of the cloud service provider that actually hosts your data, it is a common practice for these services to replicate your data across multiple continents.

What if you need to access your cloud backup but the specific data center is unavailable? Cloud data center outages are rare but they do happen. Services such as Azure and AWS will allow you to replicate your data across multiple continents. When you implement this strategy, your business can be confident that a data backup exists somewhere in the world.

During a true disaster recovery scenario, this backup feature could help save your company time, money, effort and energy.

Get The Cloud Backup Solution That Works Best for your Business

Does your business use VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V or bare metal servers? Different platforms may require different backup solutions.

In the event of a real disaster recovery scenario, you can choose how you get your data from your cloud data backup provider. For example, if you have a large amount of data stored in the cloud that will take a long time to download, it might be more practical to get several large hard drives shipped to your office with the data on the disks. You’ll need the decryption keys to access your data so make sure these are stored in a secure location.

If this doesn’t work for your business, you could create a backup solution that replicates your virtual machines into the cloud. During a disaster recovery scenario, you could simply use IaaS to spin up your virtual machine backup images and grant instant disaster recovery access to your organization’s critical infrastructure.

Cloud Backups Help Businesses Gain an Edge

While many businesses still use magnetic media as a file backup method, cloud will continue to grow in popularity as organization’s look for rapid methods of storing their data. Best of all, cloud data storage prices continue to decrease making cloud backups a more attractive option than traditional backup methods.

The cloud is the new norm in terms of backup infrastructure. When businesses need instant access to their offsite data backups, cloud infrastructure makes perfect sense because offers security, resiliency and instant availability.

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